I specialize in building Squarespace websites. Steve Benjamins at SiteBuilderReport ranked Squarespace number 1 among 35 website builders he evaluated. Steve made an interesting comment . . .


“Steve Jobs often told a story about how his father - a carpenter - would care as much about the back of a cabinet as the front. Jobs said this is where he learned the importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail. This story reminds me of Squarespace. Everything in Squarespace is polished. Nothing ever feels half-baked. Simply put: Squarespace crafts the back of cabinets.“


I agree.  Squarespace  is the Rolls Royce of website builders today.   You can do practically anything with it and if you give it professional images to work with,   well, websites just don't get much better. Basically, anything is possible and everything looks fantastic!

The sites below show a little of what Squarespace can do.  Plus, all Squarespace sites are responsive, so they always look great on mobile devices.

I only built the non-profit site above,  but Squarespace makes it easy for a professional to build everything above, and a lot more.   Squarespace will follow your creativity, wherever it goes.  Of course, SEO is built in, as well as blogging, shopping carts, forms - nothing has been left out of this amazing platform.

You've worked hard to build quality into every part of your business.  Extend that quality, now,  out to your Web presence by letting me build an amazing Squarespace website for you.

I will start your website by listening to all of your ideas and then I'll probably offer some suggestions, Then I'll put together a draft site that we can look at together, and we'll decide where to go from there. 

There are millions of Squarespace websites on the Web and Squarespace developers are everywhere, so you're always covered.

I'm located in Oakdale, CA and I'm happy to visit and work with local businesses in Modesto, Turlock, and surrounding areas.  Or if you don't mind working online, we can work together wherever you are. 

I'm so sure that you will love the site that we create that there will be no charge if you're not delighted.