Basic Website - $300/page

eCommerce Website - $300/page + $300

Site Maintenance - $50/hour

  • Changes - This can be for a site that you started or a site that someone else started for you that you would like help with. Or it could be for a site that I built for you that you’d like to change.

  • Analyzing Google Analytics data - I automatically install Google Analytics on the Squarespace sites I build so we can see who’s coming to your site and what they’re doing once they’re get there. It does take a few hours a month, though, to review the data returned to us by Google and decide, based on that, if we should make changes to the site.

  • Setting up and managing Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) - If you request it I will set up a Google Ads account for you. Google Ads lets you ask Google to send people to your site who have searched for something that you think is relevant to your business. If you have a machine shop that specializes in making custom tools, for example, you might ask Google to send you people who searched for “machine shop., “custom tools,” or “tool design” and Google might charge you $3 for each person they send to you. (The actual amount you pay depends on how many other businesses also want visits from those particular searchers.) As a general rule, Google Ads returns twice what you spend on it.

  • Setting up and managing email campaigns - Squarespace includes a mail service, like MailChimp, where you can design mail campaigns and send them to a mailing list you provide.

Hosting your Website

Squarespace websites are hosted on the Squarespace servers. Their charges:

  • Basic Site - $18/mo

  • Online Store - $26/mo