My Journey to Squarespace

My background is engineering.  I was a hardware/software engineer in Silicon Valley for 20 years, working at Hewlett Packard and various smaller companies. I earned two patents along the way. Then I moved to Oakdale, CA and settled into my passion for building websites.

Initially I built websites from the ground up, using HTML, CSS,  JavaScript,  jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.  There were website builders available but they didn't deliver the quality I could get with these core web technologies.  But developing websites from scratch took a long time  and cost a lot. 

So I decided to try to use my engineering background to create  a better website builder than those available- one that was easier for people to use, where you could just drop anything wherever you wanted it, like laying out a storefront window.

I finished my site builder  and it worked as I hoped, but it turned out that no matter how simple you make a website builder, most people will still not be able to build a website. They will call someone. Also, by the time I finished, other site builders had gotten better, and one - Squarespace -  had gotten much better. 

Squarespace was harder to learn and use than my site builder, but I had to admit that it did a lot more. It contained a seamless shopping cart, blogging, a form builder, and was mobile friendly.

So - easy wasn't helping me and Squarespace built better websites.  It was clear that I was going down the wrong path so I shelved my project and focused on building websites with Squarespace. 

Building Websites with Squarespace

Squarespace says that their site builder is "do-it-yourself "  but this should be taken in the sense that “learning French” is do-it-yourself. A phrase book will get you around Paris but speaking French fluently is something different. And you really need a deep understanding of the whole Squarespace landscape to build a professional looking site that does what you want.

Squarespace is rich and deep - like French. The documentation for Squarespace seems endless and is constantly being updated. I’ve generated 915 pages of notes to myself to illuminate the corners and special cases within Squarespace. And even as capable as Squarespace is, it can’t always do what you want and so you frequently have to insert custom CSS and HTML to get that extra touch. In fact, if you ask Squarespace how they pulled off some of the cool stuff they do on their own landing pages they will tell you it’s custom CSS and HTML.

So that’s Squarespace. If you’re more creative than technical, it probably won’t be a joy and you might want to save yourself some time and frustration by doing what you do best - creating - and letting a Squarespace professional build your website. Technology is in my DNA  and I love building Squarespace websites. So with your creativity and my background we can pull together everything we need to make your business look its best online with a Squarespace website.