My specialty is creating and supporting Squarespace websites. Steve Benjamins, the owner of the SiteBuilderReport website, ranked the Squarespace websitre builder #1 among 35 website builders that he evaluated, including Wix, Weebly, and WordPress. Steve loved Squarespace and made an interesting comment:


“Steve Jobs told a story about how his father - a carpenter - would care as much about the back of a cabinet as the front.  Jobs said this is where he learned the importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail. This story reminds me of Squarespace. Everything in Squarespace is polished. Nothing ever feels half-baked. Simply put: Squarespace crafts the back of cabinets.“


I agree.  Squarespace  is the Lamborghini of website builders today.   They own web design. You can do practically anything with Squarespace and if you give it professional images, videos and graphics - well, websites just don’t get much better.  One example of the detail Squarespace goes to: over 1000 professional text fonts are included with Squarespace. Anthony Casalena and his team at Squarespace didn't cut any corners when they crafted this wonderful software.

The sites below show some Squarespace examples. I built the top four and this site.  The four on the bottom are some great Squarespace examples chosen from around the web. Here’s a link to 35+ Stunning Examples of Websites Using Squarespace for more examples of what you can do with Squarespace.

There are around 1.8 million Squarespace websites on the Web so Squarespace developers are everywhere. You’ll always be able to find professional support for your site.

If you’ve worked long and hard to build a quality company, you should cap off your work with the best professional website, now, that you can afford. You need Squarespace.

I'm in Oakdale, CA but we can work together online wherever you are.  If you’re not delighted with what I do for you, there's no charge!